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The Harp Society was born out of the need for a balanced and honest appraisal of the policing history of Ireland.

It is our fervent hope that the Society will succeed in bringing to public attention the societal contribution of the men of the Irish police forces who wore their uniforms with honour.

Mission Statement:  “The Harp Society” will strive to honour in everyway possible the contribution to peace of all police services and in particular those of Ireland and Great Britain.

Vision Statement:  The Harp Society aspires to be amongst the top Police Veteran Societies in Europe

Slogan“One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard, One faithful Harp shall praise thee.”  (The Minstrel Boy by Thomas Moore).

Identification:  Committee members shall carry business cards to identify themselves and publicise the Society.

In this Constitution, save where the contrary intention shall appear, the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender.

  1. Name:
    • The organisation shall be called the “Historical and Reconciliatory Police Society.” The short title shall be “The Harp Society”, hereinafter in these rules referred to as “the Society”.
  2. Symbol:
    • The Harp, which is an acronym of the title
  3. Address:
    • The address of the Society shall be in Dublin at such place as the committee may from time to time determine
  1. Objectives:

4.1       To secure for the members of the main forces, the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Dublin Metropolitan Police and their predecessor forces, who were killed in the course of duty, a suitable monument.

4.2       To liaise with other groups and associations in Northern Ireland in order to achieve an advanced appreciation of our respective heritage and loyalties

4.3       To affiliate with kindred police associations on the island of Ireland in a spirit of fraternal cooperation on matters of mutual interest

4.4       To promote and develop good relations between the Society and the media for the purpose of advancing our organisational interests.

4.5       To foster an esprit-de-corps among Society members and promote good relations with police veteran organisations by attendance at veteran events and ceremonies and by wearing service decorations on some such occasions, where appropriate

4.6       To support and assist the Garda Historical Society in promoting awareness and knowledge of the history of Irish policing

  1. Structures:

5.1       The Society is a non-incorporated voluntary body.  A working interim committee shall operate as the Society’s management committee hereinafter called “the Committee.”

5.2       The committee of the Society shall consist of twelve (12) members.  A quorum shall consist of not less than seven (7) such members.

5.3       Membership of the Committee shall, for the present, be by invitation only as decided by the Committee.  Similarly membership may be terminated by a majority vote of the Committee.

  1. Funding:

6.1       Funding of the Society shall, for the present, be through voluntary donations.

  1. Membership:

7.1       Membership of the Society shall be open to all retired members of An Garda Síochána

7.2       There shall be associate membership for non police adult persons who can verify a police family connection to the satisfaction of the committee.

7.3       There shall be affiliate membership for all serving members of An Garda Síochána.

7.4       There shall be honorary membership.  The committee may confer honorary membership on any person, other than the above categories, who in the opinion of the committee, has given support and goodwill to the Society.

7.5       Approval of membership shall be at the discretion of the committee.

  1. Officers:

8.1       The Officers of the Society shall be the President, Vice President, and Honorary General Secretary/Treasurer.

8.2       Officers shall hold office for a period of three (3) years from the date of ratification of this Constitution, and further periods of three years at the discretion of the Committee.

  1. Management:

9.1       Management of the Society shall be vested in the members of the Committee, at the ratification of this Constitution, each of whom will be tasked with a primary post of responsibility in addition to other responsibilities hereunder.

  1. President:

10.1     The primary duties of the President, which is an honorary position, will be to represent the Society publicly, to chair meetings as required, and to ensure that the objectives of the Society are being observed and advanced.

  1. Vice President:

11.1     In the absence of the President the Vice President shall act as President, have all the rights and objectives of the President, and chair meetings as required.

  1. Honorary Secretary/Treasurer:

12.1     The Honorary Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping of all records of the Society including financial records.

12.2     The member shall be responsible for all monies received and to ensure that all such are regularly paid into the bank.  The member shall prepare regular financial statements and submit same to the Committee.  An end of year financial statement will be open to the membership for inspection at any reasonable time.

12.3     The Honorary Secretary/Treasurer shall also play a primary role in publicly representing the Society, with the President, at ceremonies and events.

  1. Other Committee Members:

13.1     Two members of the Committee shall be especially tasked by the Committee to represent the Society to the wider police community, enhance the Society’s image and communicate with the media

13.2     In addition to their normal organisational functions, the remaining members of the Committee shall have posts of responsibility as active coordinators at ceremonies and events.

  1. Dispute Resolution:

14.1     The Society shall have in place a dispute resolution procedure which shall at all times be governed by the principles of natural justice.

14.2     In all cases where the Committee has reason to believe that a member is in serious dispute with the management of the Society, the Committee shall without undue delay appoint one of its members who will act as a mediator in the dispute.

14.3     Where the disputant member is dissatisfied with the conduct and/or outcome of the mediation, such member may request a hearing of the dispute before an agreed third party arbitrator for a recommendation to be placed before the committee.

14.4     The Committee shall in consideration of its decision take due cognisance of the arbitrator’s recommendation and shall without undue delay endeavour to resolve the dispute satisfactorily and shall do so within two calendar months of the arbitrator’s recommendation.

  1. Arbitration:

15.1     The Society shall avail of the services of an arbitrator, who may be a member of the Society.

15.2     The arbitrator shall have power to consider, reject or investigate any written complaint made to him by any member of the Society relating to the Society and make a finding regarding same.

15.3     The arbitrator shall set his own procedures.

  1. Amendment:

16.1     The Committee shall have power to amend the Constitution on any motion supported by two thirds of the Committee present and voting on such motion.

  1. Voluntary Dissolution:

17.1     Following on wide consultation with its support base, the Society may be dissolved at any time, provided that a proposal for voluntary dissolution is tabled before the committee and is carried by not less than a two third majority of the committee members so voting by ballot.

17.2     The proposal shall come into force on such date or dates as determined by the committee and the surplus assets of the society, after settlement of debts and liabilities, shall following due diligence, be transferred to an appropriate organisation or organisations whose function or one of whose functions it is to maintain and upkeep RIC and DMP graves.

PRESIDENT:  Patrick McCarthy


DATE:  11 March 2015